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Community Council at RusAccreditation appreciated the Federal Service activity in 2017

The first Community Council at the Federal Service for Accreditation Meeting held on March 12 at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation approved the RusAccreditation report on the Federal Service for Accreditation inspection results for 2017 and tasks for 2018 prepared for further consideration at the final Federal Service Board meeting. This is the first time the Community Council at the Federal Service for Accreditation Meeting has been held with the participation of the Eurasian Economic Commission leadership representative, the Head of the Technical Regulation and Accreditation Department of the EEC,Arman Shakkaliev.

During the meeting the leaders of the standing committees and working groups at the Community Council announced the activity results of the Community Council supervised structural divisions noting the positive practice of involving the interested parties such as industry associations’ representatives, public and expert organizations, laboratories and certification bodies by the Federal Service for joint decision-making.

The Head of the Federal Service for Accreditation Alexey Khersontsev thanked the participants for the evaluation of the Federal Service activity, the high professional level of discussions and the thorough consideration of the agenda, which was formed at the main advisory body under the Federal Service for Accreditation. He also noted that, in fact, in 2017 RusAccreditation "seriously increased and intensified interaction with the public club", which the Head of the department named both the council and the structural divisions created under it; their number increased by 15 over the last year.

It required the Federal Service to use a new toolkit such as the creation of the draft environment on the basis of a special site, which allowed managing the Federal Service specialists in case of the increased intensity of RusAccreditation communication flow with different audiences and expanding the agenda of discussions. At present, more than 600 participants are registered in the draft environment and more than 40 project groups have been formed.

The Chairman of the Community Council Vladimir Salamatov marked as the key events for the sphere of accreditation in the past year the full entry of the RusAccreditation into the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), which opens new prospects for all participants in the sphere and export-oriented business. He also stressed the importance of the active work carried out by the RusAccreditation under the full accession to the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), the development of bilateral cooperation, including with the National accreditation bodies of the Asia-Pacific countries. Marina Bludyan, the deputy chairman of the Public Council, noted the high involvement of the Federal Service in the development of new standards, carried out under RusAccreditation. She also expressed a desire to strengthen the responsibility of experts for quality accreditation.

Lyudmila Yurasova, the Chairman of the Standing Committee on the Activities of the Certification Bodies for Products, Works, Services and Staff, reported on the high effectiveness of the committee "on the development and updating of national and interstate standards used by certification bodies for their activities, as well as their use in the criteria for accreditation and when confirming the conformity of products to the requirements of the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union ".

The Chairman of the Committee on the Activities of Testing Laboratories, the General Director of the National Accreditation Institute of RusAccreditation, Olga Nikitina, said that for the last year the committee's work was held under the aegis of norm-setting activities, including on draft lists of technical regulations of the Customs Union, which were being created anew. The case touched "the 40th and 44th regulations, as well as draft lists, which were subject to revision."

According to Vladimir Okrepilov, the Head of the Standing Committee on the Issues of Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements, the main issue is the problem of ensuring the traceability of measurement results, without which it would be impossible to join the RusAccreditation to the APLAC MRA Arrangement as the committee decided in 2017 in conjunction with Rosstandart. The Head of the Committee announced plans to discuss the experience of foreign countries on "the introduction of digitalization elements in the activities to ensure the uniformity of measurements" on the basis of the supervised division under the Public Council, as well as the necessary changes in the regulatory framework and training of participants in the accreditation process.

Lyudmila Fedorova, the Chairman of the Standing Committee on the Activities of the Management System Certification Bodies, voiced the list of issues that need to be addressed to ensure the accession of the national accreditation body to the Arrangement of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF MLA). First of all, the issue of applying for accreditation as mandatory documents developed by the IAF and having the status of Mandatory Document (MD) was discussed.

Nadezhda Volkova, the Chairman of the Standing Committee on the Activities of Inspection Bodies, noted that "the issue of forming accreditation areas is one of the most difficult in this form of conformity assessment" due to the specifics of inspection bodies. This issue was the key issue on the agenda last year and will remain the crucial one in the current year.

The results and plans were also reported by the chairmen of the working groups. The convincing results showed the activities of working groups established to improve the field of conformity confirmation in specific industries such as aluminum products, vehicles, children's goods and others.

For example, Irina Kazovskaya, the Head of the Working Group on the Activities of the Accredited Persons established in the field of conformity assessment of aluminum products one year ago, spoke about the successful interaction of the Aluminum Association with the Federal Service for Accreditation within the framework of the task of identifying and suppressing offenses in the activity of accredited persons in the market of conformity assessment of wheeled aluminum disks. "We have held only two meetings of our working group, but we work daily in cooperation with RusAccreditation. More than a third of the certificates have been withdrawn. The activities of the three organizations are stopped. Two organizations are deprived of accreditation. 3.2 million rubles of administrative fines are imposed on the certification bodies for issuing certification for the wheels. 22 Minutes on administrative violations for a total of 8.8 million rubles were made by the RusAccreditation in relation to the certification bodies for issuing certificates for the wheels, "- concluded Irina Kazovskaya.

The Head of the Working Group on the Accredited Persons Activities in the Field of Conformity Assessment of Cable and Wire Products Vladimir Kashkin described a similar algorithm for interaction with the Federal Service with the goal of "removing from the market unscrupulous bodies for certification and testing laboratories." The International Association "Electrocable" regularly sends applications to the RusAccreditation, in the current year 8 of them were sent to such certification bodies. The results of monitoring the certificates are also posted on the association's information resources. "There is a very strong public pressure, an impact on the manufacturing plants that use such certificates. As a result, we have already inspected a number of plants and conducted a full re-certification of products", noted the Head of the Working Group.

The Head of the Working Group on the Accredited Persons Activities in the Field of Conformity Assessment of the Children's Goods Vadim Kiryukhin reported on the development of a list of the largest certification bodies and laboratories for the so-called public control of their activities in cooperation with RusAccreditation representatives, "the preparation of checklists for the purpose of the RusAccreditation submission and possible inclusion in the current methods for verification, control of certification bodies and laboratories."

Denis Zagarin as the Head of the Working Group on the Accredited Persons Activities in the Field of Conformity Assessment of Wheeled Vehicles noted the extremely high intensity of work in this direction so that "it was necessary to organize a working sub-group for vehicles in service". In general, following the results of the work of the group in 2017, more than 100 issues were considered. In particular, he noted that "the so-called minimal list of testing equipment had been prepared in the work of test laboratories, which would be used in the future RusAccreditation work."

Arman Shakkaliyev continued the topic of tasks in the field of accreditation in terms of priorities for improving the mechanisms of the Institute in the Eurasian space. He called "efficiency and equivalence of procedures and criteria", as well as "harmonization of requirements and approaches to control" as the key guidelines. At the same time, the Director of the Department of Technical Regulation and Accreditation of the ECE appreciated the RusAccreditation activity in the organization of informatization processes.

The meeting was also attended by the Deputies of the Head of the Federal Service for AccreditationAleksander Litvak, Oleg Maltsev, Sergey Migin and the adviser of the Department of the Government of the Russian Federation on the formation of the "Open Government" system Elena Borodkina.

The Community Council members approved the formation of two new Working Groups: on the accreditation experts activities, appointing the Deputy General Director of the FAA "National Accreditation Institute"Ksenia Ivanova as the Head, and the Working Group on the Prevention, Detection and Suppression of Offenses in the Accredited Persons Activities in the Field of Electrical Engineering Equipment and Materials, appointing the Head of the Certification and Interaction Department with the equipment manufacturers of PJSC "Rosseti "Andrei Snitsky as the Head.

The meeting also determined the leaders of the Working Group on the Activities of the Accredited Persons in the Field of Conformity Assessment of Equipment for Work in the Explosive Environments and on the promotion of international recognition of Russian accreditation to support domestic exporters in foreign markets; they were the General director of LLC "NANO CCVE" Aleksander Zalogin and the Executive director of "Argus-Spectr" Mikhail Levchuk, respectively.

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